Kelly Nederlof


Kelly Nederlof

I’m an all-rounded creative. Fresh still life photography, one pink building in between 20 grey ones, witty puns in short copy and the supersize shadow of a small glass of lemonade: tiny little details are what make me tick.

I am constantly looking for locations, products and attributes that may be useful to my work. Discovering parallels between events or objects fascinates me, it represents the beginning of a trend.

Symbolism and realism are central to my work. All objects in my photography and prop styling are deliberately placed. Therefore each work is a creation of unity in shape, composition and color. My concepts and images are always sincere and a mix of reality, actuality and an ever-present sense of humor.


1988 born in Delft, The Netherlands
2008 Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam – Creative college for media, design & technology
2008 – 2012 Willem de Kooning Art Academy
2012 BA Lifestyle & Design minor Forecasting + Creative Marketing
2014 Started Studio Kelly Nederlof based in Amsterdam

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Studio Kelly Nederlof
BTW identification: NL001559311B40